Saturday, September 15, 2012

Giving in to the Pleasure of Cinema

I often worry that studying film can be a danger to loving film. It is hard not to critique a plot hole, or imagine a new, more effective ending, or be disappointed when a shot is unclear or lingers too long for our tastes. Even harder yet is avoiding analysis of the film on political, social, historical or ethical terms - even commercials and trailers are subject to my academic eye.

Something about watching film, in wonderful theaters, with other people who love film makes it easier to remember that I love watching movies. I love the thrill I feel when the house lights go down. LINES OF WELLINGTON was nearly three hours long, but only when the lights came up did I realize so much time had passed. I was utterly transported to the film's time and space, and my own broken leg reality fell away in the face of 1810 Portugal.

I am not quite ready to write about LEVIATHAN yet, I feel as if it is making its way into my bones. I am looking forward to more films experienced purely for the love of sitting in a seat, watching a screen and giving in to the power, and pleasure, of the moving image.

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