Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day 1 - Katy

I broke my leg about two weeks ago, so the dream TIFF experience has become the modified, crutch friendly version. However, this has forced me to confront several truths about my cinematic preferences.

  1. I would rather see three movies and really absorb them than see six and have them blur together. 
  2. I need to eat regularly and well, or I become cranky. I would rather skip a screening and have a decent meal than eat a granola bar during the trailers.
  3. Midnight movies are not my jam, crutches or no crutches.
  4. I would rather see something rare or uncommon than something popular in its premiere.
Today's films: 
POST TENEBRUS LUX (Mexico): what TREE OF LIFE could have been. Gorgeous, sensuous, challenging.
WHEN NIGHT FALLS (Hong Kong): beautiful long takes, intimate portrait of grief, although could have done with shortened introductory section and less heavy-handed conclusion. 

All in all, a great way to ease in to a jam-packed experience. Looking forward to a full day tomorrow, and a good night of sleep (hopefully) tonight. 

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